Not every pet owner considers how to make their home pet-friendly, but it’s important if you want to give your new friend a smooth transition. To make sure your furry or feathered friend is as comfortable as you are, dedicate some time and attention to their needs. A little planning can go a long way, helping you streamline your routine and keeping your pet safe and healthy.

At Northside Emergency Veterinary Service, we care about your pet’s wellbeing. That’s why we’ve come up with these great tips and tricks for making your home a pet-friendly paradise!

Rethink Your Surroundings

The best way to make sure that your home is pet-ready is to see the world from their view. Try to think like a pet as you brainstorm on what might be dangerous to them. Think about places that your pet can climb or hide behind. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Objects that can choke, strangle, electrocute – watch out for blind cords, electrical cords, etc.
  • Foods or medications that are within reach of a pet.
  • Easily accessible rubbish – make sure your dog or cat cannot possibly get into your bins. There are plenty of choking hazards and toxic foods in the rubbish, not to mention the mess they’ll make.
  • Make sure that you keep toxic substances in latched cupboards so that curious pets can’t paw them open and ingest anything.
  • Install strong screens over windows to prevent animals from falling out of open windows.

Give Your Pets their Own Space

It’s important to give pets their own space. This prevents them from making their own space in a dangerous or uncomfortable area. For example, cats love to crawl into the washing machine, which can be very dangerous if you don’t realise they’re in there.

Give your pet a safe zone with something comfortable to curl up on, a few toys, and access to clean water. If you can, place dog areas next to a door or in an alfresco space with access to the outdoors. This will help keeping your new puppy content and make them far less likely to bark or bother you at night.

For cats, make sure you place their litter boxes well away from their food. Place them in an area that’s private enough but not too isolated. Cats like to feel safe and comfortable when using the litter box.

Choose Your Floors and Fabric Wisely

When it comes to decorating, you may want to consider your pets before you buy. Choose something that is easy to clean and durable.

Talk to your decorator about choosing fabrics for couches and the floor that are made with pet owners in mind. Wood floors or ceramic tiles are probably the best, but be careful of the possibility of scratching on some wooden surfaces.

If you decide to go for carpet, choose a colour that matches your pet because it will mask their hair. Also think about the length of your carpet and fabrics, avoiding longer material that will catch on your pet’s claws, nails or talons.

Petscape the Garden

Nothing brings pet owners greater joy than watching them run around in the great outdoors.

If you live in Sydney, the risk of ticks is quite high, especially in the summer months. In fact, over the summer, the team at NEVS treat more than 100 cases of tick paralysis, or tick poisoning, in a single week. The best thing you can do to prevent ticks and fleas is to give your pet a tick preventative. As well as this, make sure your keep your garden landscaped and tidy. This will discourage the spread of ticks and other insects.

As well as bugs, keep an eye out for plants in your yard that can be hazardous to pets. Azaleas, ferns and daffodils are all common offenders that may harm your pet. If you don’t have a fence, consider whether you want to build one or even install invisible fences.

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