Dog Blood Donor Program

Could your best friend be our next dog blood donor?

Our dog blood donor program saves lives, and your dog can help

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some just wear a humble collar.

We’re guessing that you already know that your dog is the best of the best, but did you know your dog can help save the lives of other much-loved pets?

It’s true.

Talk to us about making your canine companion a dog blood donor.

Your mate can make a difference.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

Why we need your dog’s help

As a pet owner, you can understand how unimaginably heartbroken you would be to lose your pet due to a lack of blood products.

At NEVS, we run a dog blood donor programme precisely so this doesn’t happen.

Blood is made of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma and can be separated into these various components.

Dogs need blood products for all different reasons:

  • They may need red blood cells because they’ve lost too much blood in a traumatic accident or attack.
  • They might suffer from severe anaemia (low red blood cell count).
  • Maybe they’ve unavoidably lost a lot of blood during surgery.
  • They might need plasma to stop them from bleeding to death after ingesting rat bait.
  • Some dogs need plasma because they have clotting factor deficiency and are at risk from the slightest injury.

If you want to be a part of something extraordinary, register your dog as a blood donor.


Donor FAQs

Does my dog meet the blood donor criteria?

Unfortunately, we can’t take blood from all dogs. A set of criteria needs to be met to ensure the well-being of your dog and the recipient dog.

Your dog is likely to be suitable if he or she:

  • Is 1-8 years old
  • Is over 25 kg
  • Has a good temperament
  • Has never received a blood transfusion
  • Isn’t taking any medication
  • Is up to date with deworming (including heartworm) and vaccinations
  • Is in good health

Talk to us today about setting your dog up as a blood donor.

What’s involved?

You’ll need to bring your donor dog into the hospital so that we can check a few things before proceeding.

To begin with, we’ll conduct a physical examination to assess your dog’s health status.

Next, we’ll take some blood to determine your dog’s blood type. This is free and allows us to scan for any health issues. Your vet will be sent a copy of the results. Your dog’s blood test results are filled with useful information that can be referred to in the future if needed.

If your dog meets the criteria, the blood donation process can be carried out.

Rest assured that your dog will not feel pain while we collect their valuable blood. It’s very similar to the process humans undergo when they donate blood. The only real difference is that we use a vein in your dog’s neck instead of an arm vein. We shave and clean a small patch on their neck to ensure the donation process is hygienic.

Your furry friend will be given intravenous fluids to make sure they feel well.

If your dog gets anxious or shows any distress, they can be lightly sedated to ensure they are not unnecessarily stressed.

Trust that your dog will receive first-class care, and as a token of appreciation, you will receive a large bag of dog food or a gift voucher when you take your dog home.

We’ll also make sure that they get the recognition they deserve. Their photo will be featured on our ‘Donor Wall of Fame,’ and we’ll write a little story about them and publish it on the NEVS Facebook page.

How often your dog can give blood

It’s completely safe for your dog to donate blood every 12 weeks. In fact, your dog’s blood cells will be replaced within a month of giving blood.

The frequency of donations, however, is yours to decide as long as 12 weeks have passed since their last donation.

When do we need donors?

We urgently need more dog blood donors right now.

The demand for blood products continues to increase, so we’re always looking for more canine volunteers to meet this need.

A donation of blood means giving the gift of life to an animal that is sick or injured.

Your dog can be a hero!