About Us

A behind-the-scenes peek at our 24-hour animal hospital

Northside Emergency Veterinary Service leads the way in after-hours critical care

In 1989, our founders identified the need for a first-class 24-hour animal hospital to help pet owners on the Northern Beaches, North Shore and beyond when after-hours emergencies occurred.

From its conception in 1989, Northside Emergency Veterinary Service (NEVS) has grown and improved its service offerings. It has gone from a small after-hours practice to the fully equipped, state-of-the-art, pre-eminent animal hospital it is today.

We are proud of our gold-standard emergency services, built upon the expertise and dedication of our experienced staff. Our team is widely recognised for their advanced emergency and critical care skills within the veterinary sector.

How we deliver the finest emergency vet care

We recognise that many factors contribute to running an outstanding emergency vet hospital.

These include:

Labrador holding red emergency kit

A Cutting-Edge Hospital

NEVS has a fully-equipped hospital with a human-grade operating theatre suite. We are deeply committed to helping your pet recover and ensure that we have all the necessary tools and equipment for diagnosing and treating them effectively.

This includes

  • digital radiography (x-ray) machines
  • ultrasound equipment
  • video endoscopy
  • ECG equipment
  • in-house pathology and laboratory equipment
  • multiparameter monitoring machines
  • blood transfusion facilities
  • intensive care unit
  • oxygen therapy equipment, including high-flow
  • mechanical ventilation machines
  • pharmacy stocked with snake and tick anti-venoms
Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

An Outstanding Team

At NEVS, we have over 80 veterinary staff members who are highly qualified, skilled, and experienced in pet emergencies. Our team consists of professional vets, veterinary nurses, animal attendants, and administration staff. We make sure that our emergency vet practice is well-staffed after hours to take care of your pet.

Our staff understand how important your pet is to you and are empathetic and caring. They will do all they can to help your pet and you throughout your best friend’s stay in hospital. Your pet couldn’t be in better hands.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

Strong Leadership

Our capable team is led by our directors, who are vets with many years of veterinary experience.

Our directors guide our staff and ensure that NEVS continues to provide services that meet the needs of critically ill or injured animals. They work hand-in-hand with our staff to ensure that our after-hours vet clinic runs smoothly.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

A Central Location

We put a lot of thought into where our emergency vet hospital should be located. Obviously, the more centrally located we are to our clients, the more pets we can treat and save.

We finally settled on Terrey Hills as it is within easy reach of clients across the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

Values and Guiding Principles

NEVS’ mission is to provide exceptional emergency veterinary care to acutely unwell or seriously injured animals. To do this, our staff live and breathe our values and guiding principles, which include honesty, respect for clients and animals, trust in each other, kindness, strong communication and hard work.

These values and characteristics allow us to lead the way in veterinary emergency and critical care.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

Our Partners

NEVS is proud that many of our clients are referred to us by local vets who believe in the quality of our emergency pet care. We will work in collaboration with your usual vet to help your pet make a full recovery. In most circumstances, if your pet is admitted to hospital, it will be transferred back to your regular vet the following day.

NEVS sends all medical records, pathology results, x-rays, diagnoses and details of treatments or medications that have been administered. During the week, we offer free transport to your primary vet’s practice via NEVS Ambulance Service.