About NEVS

Providing quality after hours and emergency vet care on behalf of your local veterinarian.

Available 365 days of the year, including public holidays.


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Northside Emergency Vet Service (NEVS) was founded in 1989 (see history of NEVS). Since then, we have grown into a well-established vet hospital providing emergency vet services for your pets whilst your regular veterinarian is closed.

Purpose-built Emergency Vet Hospital

In December, 2014, NEVS moved into a brand new vet hospital at Terrey Hills. Our state-of-the-art modern hospital is purpose-built for emergency veterinary care and the latest in emergency vet practices, ensuring the best of care for your ill or injured pet.

Emergency Vet Services

Our purpose-built emergency hospital offers many veterinary services including digital radiography (x-ray), ultrasound, endoscopy, ECG, in house pathology, blood pressure measurement, blood transfusion facilities, intensive care unit, oxygen therapy, mechanical ventilation, as well as a surgical preparation area and a well equipped surgical theatre. It is ready to deal with a wide range of emergencies including tick paralysis, pets hit by vehicles, collapses, poisoning, snake bites and heat stress. NEVS is not a specialist animal hospital, however referral to a specialist animal hospital can be arranged if more complex procedures and treatment are required for your pet.

Working with your Primary Vet

NEVS works in conjunction with your regular vet to provide the after hours vet care and expertise that your pet needs. Your regular vet may recommend our service to you if it is more desirable to have your pet monitored overnight. Transfer of your pet to our service will then be arranged by your regular vet.

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In most circumstances, if your pet is admitted to hospital, it will be transferred back to your regular vet the following day. NEVS sends all medical records, pathology results, x-rays, diagnoses and a copy of the bill incurred at NEVS and any outstanding balance. Transfer is via NEVS ambulance service, at no additional cost from us. Please note that this transfer service is not applicable over the public holidays and weekends.

Unfortunately there are times when your pet is critically ill and therefore unable to make the journey back to the regular vet hospital. At this time, your pet will remain in NEVS care and our staff will discuss the different options available.

After Hours Vet Care

For after hours emergency vet care, contact NEVS immediately. NEVS will work with your local vet to ensure your family pet has the best care possible during any emergency vet procedure.