Vet Services

NEVS offers a wide range of after hours emergency vet services.

At Northside Emergency vet hospital, we offer a wide range of after-hours emergency vet services. Working as an extension of vet care services provided by your family veterinarian, we are your weekend vet, emergency vet hospital and 24 hour assistance.


NEVS Operations Vet Theatre

Our team of dedicated emergency veterinarians and nurses work around the clock to deliver the best care for your pet. Our after-hour vet services focus on immediate pet care that cannot wait for the normal operating hours of your vet. Our team also provide overnight monitoring of animals that require constant care.

Our animal hospital is equipped for a wide range of emergency vet services, including accidents, illnesses, tick poisoning and more.

Vet Hospital and Surgical Theatre

Our modern pet hospital is well-equipped for emergency surgery, with a primary focus on caring for the wellbeing of your pet. All vets and nurses adhere to the highest levels of sterile practices and are always fully scrubbed, gowned and gloved before commencing surgery.

Your pet will be covered in heat blankets to prevent heat loss through any operation. A vet nurse will also be present throughout an operation to assist the emergency vet and maintain and check on all the monitoring equipment. Our surgery is equipped for blood transfusions, oxygen support and fluid therapy.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Our modern state-of-the-art intensive care unit (ICU) includes intravenous fluid pumps, ECG, respiratory and blood pressure monitoring, life support ventilators, blood transfusion equipment and oxygen therapy. This is supported by a well-equipped surgical theatre, in-house pharmacy and digital X-ray, which provides the emergency vet with fast results.

vet x-ray

Pathology Lab

Our on-site pathology laboratory (including blood and body fluid analysis equipment) enables our vets to interpret detailed images and make accurate diagnoses of internal issues in pets. This includes blood chemistry, electrolytes, blood counts, blood clotting times, infectious diseases and haematology.

This greatly aids early admission into surgery for a severely ill animal. This is complemented by access to specialist veterinary laboratories with a quick turnaround of results.

Digital X-Ray Facilities

Our digital X-ray facilities allow our vets to obtain immediate results for issues affecting your pet’s bones, joints and soft tissue structures within the chest and abdomen. Being digital, our x-ray caters for animals of all scales, from tiny birds through to large dogs or other animals.

X-rays greatly assist with locating ingested foreign bodies in your pet’s stomach or chest. A mild sedative is often given to the animal before any X-rays helping to keep them quiet and still.



An ultrasound is a painless technique that uses sound waves to produce an image of your pet’s organs and other structures in the body. It is an excellent way of visualising internal organs and structures that are soft tissue (including the liver, kidneys, bowel, spleen, bladder, prostate, uterus, tendons, ligaments and heart). As with X-rays, sometimes a mild sedative is required to keep your pet still.


Endoscopy is utilised to explore the nose, ears, throat, airways, chest and cavities within the body and is a key diagnostic tool for vets. An endoscope is a tube equipped with a fibre-optic light and a camera. The camera sends images back to aid in the analysis of blockages, foreign objects, tumours, lumps and ulcers.

Pet Pharmacy

With a focus on emergency vet care, our animal hospital stocks a wide range of pharmaceuticals for pets. Our list is extensive and different to that of a regular vet. It includes drugs for life-threatening emergency conditions, snake antivenin and a store of blood products for transfusions. We also run a canine blood bank.

If you have any questions about our veterinary services or facilities, feel free to call us on (02) 9452 2933 or contact us online.