Our Animal Hospital

The Sydney emergency vet hospital you need to have on speed-dial

We work tirelessly to achieve positive outcomes for our patients

Nobody likes to think about their pets falling critically ill or being seriously injured.

Unfortunately, however, the reality is that pet emergencies are not uncommon.

You need to help your pet get the best treatment possible when they occur.

The Northside Emergency Veterinary Service (NEVS) vets work out of our state-of-the-art Sydney emergency vet hospital.

Based in Terrey Hills and serving Sydney’s North Shore, Northern suburbs, Northern Beaches, and beyond, we have created an emergency hospital that is purpose-built and equipped with everything needed to help your pet in a wide range of emergencies.

There is ample off-street parking immediately in front of NEVS’ animal hospital. We take pride in offering the largest car park among veterinary hospitals in Sydney, complete with a dedicated emergency drop-off zone.

When we’re open

At NEVS, we are here to help when your usual family vet is closed.

This means we work 365 days a year, including public holidays (yes, even on Christmas Day), and we’re open after hours, even in the early hours of the morning, because pet emergencies can strike at any time.

In partnership with your usual vet, NEVS provides 24-hour care for your precious pet.

What to expect

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d entered a human hospital when you arrive at NEVS. This is because our emergency vet hospital has been modelled on and aims to reach or exceed the level of care you receive in a typical human hospital.

                  When you arrive, your pet will be triaged by one of our expert vet nurses. This is a process designed to assess the level of the medical emergency your pet is facing, just like they do in human hospitals. We then see your pets in order of urgency. So don’t fret if you come in and there are lots of pets waiting for help. We will see your pet as soon as possible and as soon as necessary.

The NEVS environment

To reduce your pets’ stress levels, our practice has been designed to keep animals with their owners as much as possible until they are admitted.

You’ll be right there when we triage your pet to bring them comfort. This also means you know what is going to happen next.

Our waiting area is warm and cosy, with a tea and coffee station and a separate waiting area for cats. Our hospital also has separate dog, cat, and rabbit wings, with specialised equipment to cater to their unique needs.

How we help your animals

We couldn’t save the lives of sick pets and injured wildlife without the right team, equipment, and facilities.

At NEVS, we have:

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

A fully equipped vet hospital and surgical theatre

If your pet needs emergency surgery, you won’t have to wait anxiously until the next day for your usual vet to open, hoping your furry, feathered or scaled friend makes it through the night.

We’ll look after your pets like the family members they are. Our emergency vets have access to a world-class theatre suite to minimise any surgery risks and improve patient outcomes. Our theatres are state-of-the-art with HEPA filters and large rooms, ensuring our post-surgical infection rates are minimised. Our veterinary nurses have advanced training in anaesthesia and will ensure your pet’s safety during their emergency surgery.

Your pet’s comfort is also paramount. They will recover in a specialised recovery suite, with human-grade equipment and monitoring until they are well enough to return to their wards.

Beyond our emergency surgeries, we can also offer a range of emergency vet services in our hospital, such as blood transfusions, oxygen support and fluid therapy.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Your critically ill pet may need a great deal of support and help to get well. If that’s the case, they will be looked after in our intensive care unit so they can be closely observed and tended to.

Our state-of-the-art animal intensive care unit (ICU) is equipped with an array of sophisticated equipment specifically designed to take care of highly dependent and unwell patients. Our lifesaving equipment includes life support ventilators, oxygen therapy equipment, multiparameter monitors, specialised infusion and fluid pumps, continuous ECG monitoring and specialised blood transfusion equipment.

Our ICU is supported by our in-house pharmacy that swiftly dispenses much-needed medications. Our diagnostic tools, like digital X-ray technology and cage-side ultrasound, provide our vet professionals with critical insights, allowing them to make accurate diagnoses and prompt decisions.

Our animal hospital has been meticulously planned and equipped to give your pets the best care in their most vulnerable moments.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

An on-site pathology lab

Our on-site pathology capabilities mean we can get results quickly, which is crucial because when an animal is drastically unwell, every second counts. The laboratory’s equipment and testing facilities, including advanced blood and body fluid analysis tools, allow our veterinarians to diagnose your pet’s issue and make precise treatment decisions.

From blood chemistry and electrolyte analyses to blood counts, clotting times, identification of infectious diseases, and comprehensive haematological assessments, our laboratory services leave no stone unturned in uncovering the cause of your pet’s health emergency. This is key because once we know what’s wrong, we can swiftly intervene and treat them.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

Digital x-ray facilities

Our digital X-ray equipment provides immediate images that our professional vets can use to diagnose many issues with your pet’s bones, joints, and soft tissue structures within the chest and abdomen.

Unlike old X-ray equipment, this advanced technology can accommodate animals of all sizes, from the tiniest birds to the largest of dogs, allowing us to help a plethora of species.

X-rays are helpful in the diagnosis of many diseases, including foreign body ingestion. Prompt diagnosis using X-rays can help tailor a treatment plan, which might include emergency surgery.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

Ultrasound equipment

We favour non-invasive testing wherever possible to ensure we don’t upset your pet. Our staff are highly trained in veterinary point-of-care ultrasound techniques and are involved in training local veterinarians. Ultrasound is an excellent tool that can help our emergency vets get a clear picture of what is happening inside your gorgeous companion. It is a completely painless technique that uses sound waves to produce an image of your pet’s organs and other soft tissue parts in the body. The ultrasound can be done with your pet in whatever position they are most comfortable, without clipping hair. Most animals don’t even know when it’s happening!

Our vets may carry out an ultrasound to look at your pet’s liver, kidneys, bowels, spleen, bladder, prostate, uterus, lungs, or heart.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

Endoscopy equipment

Our advanced endoscopy tools allow our vets to remove foreign objects from your pet’s body without invasive surgery. This means your pet will have a much quicker recovery time and can often return home to you several hours after the procedure. We remove a wide range of objects from animals’ stomachs, including fishhooks, socks, stones, batteries, bottle caps, keys, coins, and fabrics. These objects can cause obstructions in the small intestine if they are not removed.

Endoscopy equipment has a slender tube armed with a high-tech fibre-optic light and camera. Our expert team insert this tube into the stomach and gently manoeuvre it around. During an endoscopy, detailed images are captured by video and projected onto a screen.

Veterinary & kid holding broken leg og Pet dog

A pet pharmacy

If your pet is exceptionally ill or in a lot of discomfort, the last thing you want to do is wait until the next day to get them the medications they need to help them get better or ease their pain.

Our pharmacy is stocked with many pharmaceuticals that a normal vet wouldn’t have on hand. This is because we focus on emergency cases and stock the medications needed for any foreseeable health crisis or traumatic injury.

For instance, paralysis ticks and snakes are an unavoidable part of the Northern Beaches and North Shore environment. For this reason, we stock an extensive range of specialised antivenoms, including purified tick antiserum, tiger, brown and red-belly black snake antivenom and specialised death adder antivenom. We also have a full complement of blood products on hand in case your precious pet needs a blood transfusion. Much of this blood comes from our dog blood donors, who contribute to our canine blood bank. In addition to this, we are stocked with a comprehensive range of life-saving drugs.

Common conditions treated in our emergency vet hospital

We treat everything from animals who have been hit by cars to animals who have eaten something toxic. If your pet is sick or injured and needs emergency care, the team at NEVS are ready to help.

Have you found a tick on your cat or dog?

Of all the life-threatening emergencies we have treated, potentially lethal tick paralysis is by far the most prevalent. We treat hundreds of tick poisoning cases in dogs and cats every year. We are renowned for our world’s best practice tick paralysis treatment. With decades of specialist experience, NEVS has led the way in the treatment of tick paralysis. Many other veterinary hospitals now follow our treatment model, especially when it comes to animals who are severely affected and require ventilation.

If your pet has tick poisoning, you couldn’t be in better hands.


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